This is a simple attempt by an ordinary Muslim to portray the Islam, unblemished by violence, politics, sectarian divides and misinterpretations. This Blog is against all racism and condemnations of any religion or race. Islam teaches us to respect everyone regardless of their beliefs and ethnicity. Any discussion based here will purely be a sincere and respectful dialogue.Lastly, i do not seek to interpret or make fatwas here. I strictly abide by the verdicts of pious Ulamas.

My name is Rizuan and neither am I an Ulema nor an Aalim. I am just a slave in need of Allah's blessings.


Family Values in Islam

Islam protects the honour, chastity, purity and lineage of the family, so it encourages marriage and forbids free mixing of men and women. Islam gives each family member an important role to play. So fathers and mothers take care of the children and give them an Islamic upbringing; children are to listen and obey, and respect the rights of fathers and mothers, on a basis of love and respect. Even our enemies have borne witness to the strength of family ties among the Muslims. And Allaah knows best.

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