This is a simple attempt by an ordinary Muslim to portray the Islam, unblemished by violence, politics, sectarian divides and misinterpretations. This Blog is against all racism and condemnations of any religion or race. Islam teaches us to respect everyone regardless of their beliefs and ethnicity. Any discussion based here will purely be a sincere and respectful dialogue.Lastly, i do not seek to interpret or make fatwas here. I strictly abide by the verdicts of pious Ulamas.

My name is Rizuan and neither am I an Ulema nor an Aalim. I am just a slave in need of Allah's blessings.


What is the Qur’an in a nutshell?

O MANKIND! There has now come unto you an admonition from your Sustainer, and a cure for all [the ill] that may be in men’s hearts, and guidance and grace unto all who believe [in Him]. (10:57)

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