This is a simple attempt by an ordinary Muslim to portray the Islam, unblemished by violence, politics, sectarian divides and misinterpretations. This Blog is against all racism and condemnations of any religion or race. Islam teaches us to respect everyone regardless of their beliefs and ethnicity. Any discussion based here will purely be a sincere and respectful dialogue.Lastly, i do not seek to interpret or make fatwas here. I strictly abide by the verdicts of pious Ulamas.

My name is Rizuan and neither am I an Ulema nor an Aalim. I am just a slave in need of Allah's blessings.


Example from Sahabiyah


Vol 1, Bk 8, Hadith No. 347

Narrated Um ‘Atiya (Radhiallaahu anha) We were ordered (by Rasulullah ‘(Sallallaahu alayhi Wasallam) to bring out our menstruating women and veiled women in the religious gatherings and invocation of Muslims on the two ‘Eid festivals. These menstruating women were to keep away from their Musalla. A woman asked, “O Allah’s Apostle ’ What about one who does not have a veil (the veil is the complete cover with only one eye or two eyes showing)?” He said, “Let her share the veil of her companion.”

This Hadith very clearly shows that even in the worst case scenario, we must follow Islam to the best of our abilities.

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