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Iman and Taqwa

Imaan And Taqwa

In order to become the friend of Allah one only needs two things; Imaan and Taqwa. The acquisition of these two things is fardh upon every Muslim.

And remember in order for something to be compulsory it means that Allah ta’ala has given every person the ability to acquire that thing. Otherwise it would be unfair of Allah to ask us to do something which is not within our capacity.

Thus if Imaan and Taqwa are fardh, it means that every person has the ability to acquire these things. And if every person can acquire Taqwa and Imaan this means that every person has the capability to acquire Wilayah.

Taqwa and Mujahadah

Dawam-e-Ta’at (to constantly remain in the obedience of Allah) is essential for the one who wishes to become the friend of Allah. To reach this stage, where obedience becomes second nature, one has to adopt Mujahadah.

Mujahadah means to make every effort to combat and overcome one’s desires whenever they lead one away from the commands of Allah.

If Mujahadah is adopted regularly then a time will come when the obedience of Allah will become easy. However without Mujahadah a person will not progress and the obedience of Allah will not be acquired.

 Courtesy of In Shaykh’s Company: a blog maintained by the students of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah

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